Dinner Reservations

Welcome Back!
The Board of Directors has cancelled the May 9th meeting. We were hoping to continue at St Mary's but they have increased their price for the room rent over $2000 per event. That does not include the caterer costs. The Board is hard at work trying to find the right venue and caterer for future meetings. Everything has gone up in price, unfortunatley, the dinner price will have to increase according to the cost of the event. Our next dinner meeting will be June 13th and feature Irish Dancers. More information pending.



Date: June 13, 2022
Time: 5 PM Cocktails, 6:00 dinner
Entertainment: Irish Dancers
Fee: Pending (all payments made at door)

Please bring proof of vaccination if you have not already given us the information, AND OR a negative home Covid test, or that you are excused because of other health issues. Masks are optional according to the Contra Costa County guidelines.


Please note that reservations or cancellations are not accepted after 5:00 PM, June 9, 2022. If you cancel after the deadline, you will be charged for your dinner as we have to give the caterer a head count in advance.

Members who makes a reservation for a guest will be responsible for that cost if the guest does not honor the reservation. The cost for a member is $pending while the cost of a guest is $pending. Payment may be made at door by check or cash, with a check being preferred.

A separate reservation must be completed for each member and guest. So, a husband and wife, for example, must complete two reservations.



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